“A tribute to those who invented the modern private garden”

Viller the Garden pays a tribute to the grand era of garden making. This gardens which Jane Brown strikingly called “Gardens Of a Golden Afternoon” inspired all garden designers afterwards. Main feature in these gardens forms a long border. Getrude Jekyll, the grandmother of all gardens made a 200 feet long border. The long border in Viller measures only 115 feet (35m) but has flowers at both sides. A nice opportunity for me to become familiar with a lot of plants and to take up the challenge to keep it flowering during the summer months.



Owners, house and landscape played a major role on designing the garden.






Viller the Garden is composed of different compartments which are  dedicated to special plants.







Viller the house exist already on a map dating back to around 1850. It’s a small farmhouse and part of the Kapellenhof estate.



Viller the Garden is surrounded by meadows and situated along the river Niers. Wildlife and history is to be found on all sides